The Flip Side – 4/23

I spent a lot of the day sleeping and a portion of the waking part thinking I should do some sort of a workout and then the rest of the waking part preparing for a show I had.


Okay, so before you start with the fact that I should have known better, I’m going to just put some facts below and you can conclude what you will about how it should or should not have been interpreted.


  1. The show was called “Stand Up People: My Life In 5”
  2. The call for performers was put in the NYC Storytelling group
  3. I recognized a number of stand-ups in the list of performers
  4. The premise was described as “telling your life story in 5 minutes in a humorous way”


From the outset, I thought it would be a storytelling show. In retrospect, I think it could have gone either way. In reality, it was a standup show and I was very poorly prepared. On the cool side, Subhah Agarwal performed first, and she’s awesome and I wish I’d introduced myself, but I was too weird about it.


She also seemed a bit confused about what she was supposed to be doing and did end up telling a story about working as a mascot on a cruise ship. It was funny, if short. But as performers kept coming to the microphone, it became very obvious that this was either intended to be or just turning into a regular old standup comedy show.


So I bombed, but I at least enjoyed preparing my story and was massively grateful that Jocey came to watch. I also enjoyed some of the comics that performed. Live and learn!


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