The Flip Side: 5/4-5/10

Things on the training front were slow, partially because I ran a marathon and partially because I pulled some muscles not running that marathon, but doing improv timidly.


I’ve never felt especially comfortable doing improv and over time, I’ve tried to figure out why that is. I’m not even sure how well it can be analyzed, and maybe part of my problem is trying. What I know about improv is that there aren’t rules or principles that can be proven or disproven. It’s all about relationships and choices that are difficult to quantify.


Don’t get me wrong, there are people who have a strong enough grasp of improv to be able to work toward not just doing it, but doing it well. I’m still working on the first part, and last week was not my best week. Plus, as mentioned above, I pulled a muscle during a scene.


One cool show I did last week was a gender-swapped reading of the script of A League of Their Own, albeit not the final version you’re used to watching. I thought it was enjoyable, but it was also a 2.5 hour long production so maybe the audience felt differently? I don’t know.


The best thing I ate this week was the pork belly Paratha taco from Goa Taco, so make it your business to eat that if you like eating things, as I do.


The New York Times finally released a good crossword puzzle app, so I renewed my crossword puzzle subscription and have been able to enjoy it way more than I ever did in pen/pencil/PDF download days.


Can’t stop watching this.


Can’t stop reading this.


Can’t stop thinking about this.


“This is not just a grab-bag candy game.”

2 Comments on “The Flip Side: 5/4-5/10

  1. Ok I used to love crosswords and the idea of a Times app makes me slather.

    I am that husky. We are all that husky.

    So I can’t like candy grab bags now? Damn you world! Must you take everything from me?!?

    On the ‘Prov front, that’s what all us cool kids are calling it now: ‘Prov, Jamie Aderski always had good thoughts about that stuff. It’s not a rehearsed play, it’s art on the spot and we are all gonna be awful sometimes. As a person who has seen you ‘Prov a lot, you’re pretty damn good and rarely awful. Leave the awful to me, Katie!!!

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