In Development

Social Justice

Sponsorship for Individuals

Individuals seeking asylum are sometimes caught in transitional periods with limited access to financial resources. How can we develop a program to match donors/sponsors with these individuals, and what does such a program entail?

Client Emergency Fund

My dear friend Jessica is a social worker for an organization called Human Rights First. She serves clients seeking asylum and is allocated a very limited amount of funding every year to assist them with their basic needs. She ran the 2016 New York City Marathon for this cause, and you can still contribute to this fund now. If you want to donate but have questions, reach out to me and I can either answer them or put you in touch with her.


Charitable Causes Served by Corporate Contributions

This is very vague and very in development, but something I think is important. 


The Human Side of the Resolution Trust Corporation

A piece on this government-funded organization created to fix the savings and loan crisis of the 1980's. Full disclosure: my mom worked at the RTC.



A show you might want to watch maybe.

Regular Bird

Two-prov with friend and fellow Toast-enthusiast Helen.

Weird Silence

Slow, grounded improv.



Raspberry Pi

I got one and started setting it up about a month ago. I suffered a setback when I loaded the operating system onto a Micro SD card only to have the card nearly eaten by Phoebe for snack. Had to start from square one there, but have pretty much gotten it all set up by now.